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My Background to singing began in church at a very young age and I have been singing and teaching for over 30 years.
I attended Brunel University as a voice student, and since then I have deepened my passion for singing and developed my vocal techniques and teaching skills.

My Work has led me on to singing, teaching and performing with choirs like the London Community Gospel Choir, background vocals for bands such as Blur, as a soloist for St John Paul II canonisation in Poland, delivering singing workshops for corporate businesses, directing choir workshops nationally and internationally to multi-lingual groups in Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark and many more.

I have been leading The Manchester Sing Out Choir for 8 years. Under my direction they have learnt to connect mind, heart and voice which has gently disabled their inhibitions and have inspired them to express singing with confidence, freedom and joy. www.manchestersingoutchoir.org

My Philosophy is to:
- Help & support people to sing better
- Build confidence
- Share my singing techniques & tips
- Show people how to explore and find their true voice
- Guide people to enjoy singing

Who is it for?
All singers at every level...
- Individuals
- Bands/groups
- Choirs of all kind
- Corporate Businesses