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Creative Vocal Workshops & Programmes

Creative Singing Workshop for Solo & Lead Singers
The workshop provides tools and techniques to enable you to sing a song effectively
• Understanding the difference between solo and lead singing
• Learn 7 great tips for solo/lead singing
• Helps you to know how to make good use of your breathing
• Receive encouragement and positive feedback from your Creative Vocal Coach
• You will find ways to understand nervousness and build confidence
• Discover the science to making a beautiful sound

Creative Background Vocals Master Class
Provides workshops that is guaranteed to help your singing experience while you work with lead singers/artist such as:
• Transformative Vocal Expression
• Creative Blending
• Effective Harmonising
• Vocal Arranging
• Rhythm, Rhyme and melody
• Wood Shedding
• Understanding Your Worth
• BV's Vocal Therapy

Creative Singing for Corporate Business
The Development Day is designed to raise staff moral, identify self and staff awareness, offer confidence building tips especially when working towards deadlines and to have a workforce that regenerates an effective approach to work. This can also have a positive impact outside of work too.

The Development Day includes:
• Ice Breakers
• Singing Energizers
• Gospel, Classical and soul singing tips
• Key notes and quotes
• Rhythm, Rhyme and Melody
• Creative intonation and presentation
• Finding the true vocal sound of the workforce

"Thank you Wayne, your voice and teaching was extremely quality and professional. The session was very engaging and applied to everyone" Barnardo's

Gospel and Pop Choir Workshops
We deliver a wide range of musical styles from gospel, Motown, Inspirational songs to folk songs. You can be sure you will have a lot fun with any genre.

Our physical and vocal warm-ups are creative and spontaneous. This is sometimes created by you and guided by your Choir Master. The vocal warm-ups will include creative singing tips that you can use at any time.

Our workshops vary from 2 hours plus, whole day or a full weekend for groups of any size and it is tailored to your needs. Your workshop will be facilitated by our experienced and creative Choir Master and accompanied by our very skilled musician.

We guarantee that your group will:
• Enjoy a new singing experience
• Feel safe and develop a willingness to have a go
• Develop team building skills
• Learn new singing techniques
• Learn how to sing in harmony
• Develop good rhythm skills
• Have a lot of laughter, fun and positive energy

Creative Vocal Coaching for Beginners and Occasional Singers
This workshop is for you if:
• This is your very first time or if you sing occasionally
• You would like to learn how to breath effectively when singing
• You need to develop your confidence, self esteem or strengthen your singing.

You will learn some of the best singing tips and techniques including:
• How the voice works
• Pick up various breathing techniques
• Learn what 'Pitching' is, how to access it and use it effectively
• How to discover your true Tone
• Explore your creative melodic intuition
• Learn how and where to place your voice for brilliant and clear resonance
• Instantly feel the difference in your voice and in yourself and hear the developments you always wanted to hear